Silent Cries About the book

Silent Cries is my memoir. I wrote under a pen name. Brent wants what all boys wants to be love and accepted. He longs for the loving touch of his father and the tender touch of his mother. He is attached to his uncle Collin. Brent tries very hard to hide the abuse he suffers at home but can’t disguise it and the school isn’t buying his lies any more. After Brent’s mother kills his dog, Brent becomes attached to a teddy bear. He becomes inseparable from his teddy bears.

After Brent’s parents divorce he becomes more depressed. Brent’s mother brings home men who beats and rapes him. Brent starts dating boys near his age or younger. He even dates adult men when he is not even a teen. Yes he even has sex with them.

As Brent ages his mother does everything she can to keep him from seeing his father, however; Brent is also in and out of foster care because of abuse. As Brent becomes a teen he fights both his parents for their love and acceptance, but neither parent wants anything to do with him. Later in life after the passing of his father Brent learns he is suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Published by brentseheult

Brent Seheult is my pen name I write under. I was born November 7,1960 in Roanoke,VA. I have no professional writing experience except for academia. I possess an MBA in Accounting and Finance from Regis University in Denver,CO. I started writing about my childhood memories a year ago and Silent Cries, A Memoir is the product of those writings.

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